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I want relationship any serious girl women.

Looking for a keyholder

Can someone explain what this site is for?

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For those individuals who keep asking if i'm a Mistress and/or stating Hi Mistress in messages, firstly i'm not a Mistress, I don't know how many... Show more

HivemindRelay It's definitely crummy to use the wrong title with someone, or even assume one can use a title with them. However, my preferred nomenclature is this:

Bottom: The person on the receiving end of an activity (e.g. the person being spanked or tied up)

Top: The person doing the activity to someone...
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SensoryStowers I get where you are coming from, I do agree as well. There is many different interprutations these days as well as other roles under the submissive role as well such as rope bunny, brat etc 21 hours 31 minutes ago

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